Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sydney Design Festival

Sydney Design Festival kicked off yesterday, I checked out this great little exhibition at Euroluce (Hill St, Surry Hills) featuring "Sarah and Emma Elizabeth Go Boating". Sarah K (from Blakebrough + King) and Emma Elizabeth Coffey (Emma Elizabeth Designs) have collaborated to produce an ‘alternate reality’ tear in the fabric of the Sydney Light Studio to reveal their most recent work, captured at a sinister moment. Sarah and Emma Elizabeth Go Boating is based on the 1974 classic French film, Celine and Julie Go Boating. In this film an alternate reality is depicted, accessible to the characters only by eating a white candy. Through putting this mysterious sugar sweet in their mouths the heroines, Celine and Julie, are able to re-enter and re-construct the events of this alternate universe. Across the street at the Beresford Hotel is Emma Elizabeth's Design Vlog - a great new concept bringing the latest in design trends from around the world in a video blog (ie. a vlog!) to us loyal design followers instantly!

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