Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Glamour Factory" by Viktor & Rolf

Amazing runway design by Studio Job for Viktor & Rolf's S/S 10 show. Model Kristen McMenamy emerged dressed in a staggering 23 layers, impressively, the legendary model didn’t stagger at all under this weight, and once she’d taken her position on a rotating carousel, Viktor & Rolf emerged, dressed in matching black. The designers then took centre stage on the revolving platform alongside McMenamy and systematically undressed her, layer after layer, simultaneously dressing model after model in the clothes they had just removed. When she was virtually naked they reversed track, taking one garment off each new girl who took to the runway and slowly layered up McMenamy until she could not carry another stitch.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hotel Missoni

Being a great fan of the Missoni ethos and a lover of all things bright and colourful, a stay at Hotel Missoni (open in Edinburgh, Kuwait soon to open) is high on my list! It's a total brand experience, from the bedding (of course!) to the dinnerware, the pattern of the tiles in the elevators, this is the ultimate in a holistic design concept. Whilst probably not to the liking of fans of stark modernism, Hotel Missoni certainly makes a dramatic entrance to the luxury fashion hotel market.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Great photo from street style blogger / photographer Jak & Jil. Bright pink + stripes, two of my favourites!

The Salad Shop, Singapore

Great example of creative hospitality design done on a budget. The plywood panelling in the shopfront windows with cutouts of cutlery is so simple yet very clever!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Emotionally Vague

Ireland-based graphic designer Orlagh O’Brien systematically asked people about emotions – which words and colours they associate with them and where in the body they feel them the most. The result is a series of beautiful maps, which seem to reveal some trends among the answers – bright colours for joy, dark and muted for fear and sadness, and fiery warm colours for the emotions love and anger. See Emotionally Vague for the full survey results.

Concrete Chesterfield

Always good to see designers using an everyday material in a different way.. This concrete Chesterfield look lounge is by Gray Concrete and apparently only weighs 100kg!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Marchant - Art Gallery Refurbishment 2009

It's sometimes a little tough working in design given the length of time it can take from concept design to site completion... however, it's always a satisfying feeling to walk past something you have designed, or hear a stranger commenting on a project. I recently stumbled across some finished photos of a project I worked on in collaboration with an architect whilst working at SHH Architects, whilst I was living in London. Internal staircase which links the four levels - custom designed fretwork screen, leather clad handrail. The gallery is 'Marchant' is on Kensington Church Street, London.

Jil Sander Mens Spring / Summer 2011

Thought this was a good one to follow on from my last post about colour in design... it's always interesting to see how trends are translated and interpreted in different realms of design, whether it be architecture, design, fashion, art, textiles etc. Photos are from Raf Simons latest collection for Jil Sander (images from Jak & Jil blog).

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Repitition through colour

Dan Hotel, Tel Aviv

Winter Blues

Been researching today for a new project, here are a selection of images which I have found for inspiration...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ku De Ta, Bali

I was lucky enough to holiday in Bali recently, and was told by numerous people to have a drink at Ku De Ta... It is a spectacular bar and restaurant on the beachfront in Seminyak. The drinks are expensive by Bali standards, but the location and design make up for it! The restaurant features an amazing living 'green wall' and the space has been designed to suit the tropical climate with seamless indoor / outdoor features. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area!

Vivid Sydney 2010

Vivid Sydney is back again (and almost over already) in 2010. The lighting of the Opera House sails is one of the most spectacular features of the festival so be sure to go and have a a look before it finishes for another year on the 20th June.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Decanterlight by Lee Broom

I believe as a designer, it is a huge part of my job to be creative through reusing, remaking or recycling as opposed to using 'new'. Here's a great example of adaptive reuse - an everyday object, albeit a beautiful object, transformed cleverly into a striking pendant light fitting.

Gold Gnomes?

I walk past these great little gold gnomes everyday on my way to work in Surry Hills and think they are fab! A gnome giving you the finger, who would have thought....

A Winter Essential

The first couple of days of winter have brought with them the coldest day of the year, so I thought these snuggly knitted ottomans would be the perfect first blog! I've been admiring these for some time now, and wish I had the knitting skills to make a few for my apartment. If you do have the skills you can find the pattern at Or if you've got the money, Gervasoni has a great range which are available in Australia through Anibou.